Media Disrupted, Inc. is a leader in the global entertainment and media industries with over 25 years of experience, he is one of the most senior executives in the industry with the rare talent of excelling creatively and financially.


Media Disrupted, Inc. lives at the intersection of traditional and digital ecosystems, linear and interactive content, local and global distribution. We are rainmakers for the next generation of media companies.   


We take companies and creative properties to the next level and turn around those that are broken. We drive innovation, transformation, and create limitless possibilities.                                                         



We are immersed. We are strategic. We dream big. We are relentless. We love the creative process. We have fun.

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May 2013
Media Ventures engages Media Disrupted, Inc. regarding strategies around Let’s Get Wild
APR 2013
Frederator engages Media Disrupted, Inc.

Trifecta engages Media Disrupted, Inc.

Emba Media Associates regarding strategies around BKN Library
JAN 2013
Cepia LLC engages >Media Disrupted, Inc.
Please visit www.cepia.com

Electronic Arts engages >Media Disrupted, Inc.
Please visit www.ea.com

Art Impressions engages Media Disrupted, Inc.
NOV 2012
Toper Taylor joins Indian investment banking firm Morris Street Advisors board of directors
OCT 2012
DHX Media engages >Media Disrupted, Inc.
Please visit www.dhxmedia.com